Price Range For SG Escort Girls – What To Expect?

If you want to make booking for Singapore escorts while you are in the city, what kind of price range can you expect? First of all, there are two groups of escorts Рone is that of Singaporean models while the other are foreign call girls working in Singapore. Their price range can vary greatly. Keep in mind that when we are talking about escorts, we are not referring to rent a friend services. We are referring to actual, professional female social escorts, which is entirely different. Escorts also cost significantly more than rental friends due to differences in services. This article perfectly explains why they cost more than rental friends.

However, the service when it comes to both Singaporean as well as foreign escorts from other countries are exactly the same – they act as your girlfriend and escorts. However, their prices can differ significantly.

First of all, locals in Singapore usually cost anywhere between $500 to $1500. The prices for locals are similar whether you find an independent escort or book one through an escort agency. On the other hand, foreign or international escorts cost between $300 to $1200. Strictly speaking, there are no real legal ways to book them whether as freelancers or agencies. This is because these foreigners are often in Singapore only on a tourist VISA which does not allow them to work, even as an escort. So, take that with what you will. Anyway, the above described rates are on the first hour basis. Almost all of them charge slightly cheaper for the subsequent hours, the more hours you book them for.

Singapore money

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As you can tell from the above, locals cost significantly more than foreigners, and it is usually because it is significantly harder to find a real SG citizenship escort. In fact, almost all of those who tout and promote themselves as one are actually a foreign escort from usually a neighbouring country like Philippines or Vietnam. They are definitely far from being an actual citizen. Nearly one hundred per cent of the models shown on freelance escort directories are actually international escorts, and not real Singaporeans. It is so hard to find them because they only hang out on reputable agency websites like SG VIP Escorts, and can barely be found elsewhere, unless they have their own independent site themselves like Risque Rebecca. The other agencies and freelance Singaporeans are virtually fly by night, and they exist only for a short while before giving up because they cannot get business. This extremely high demand but extremely low and regulated supply of local escorts in Singapore results in higher prices for the natives.

There are more reasons than simple supply and demand reasons causing the Singaporeans to be priced more exclusively. Another strong reason why for the locals are more exclusive is because all of the real and quality Singaporeans are English educated and speaking, most are highly educated and thus well spoken, and they carry themselves with class. What you think of the models’ body and faces can be subjective, but one must admit that the above qualities are great when it comes to an escort. On the other hand, foreigners especially those from Philippines or Vietnam are usually less classy looking and cannot really hold a conversation well hence that is part of the reason why they are priced cheaper.

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