What Type Of Men Date Singapore Social Escorts?

Some ladies and women in Singapore have this negative connotation towards the men who look for social escorts. However, the truth is that these men are very often the exact type of men whom these ladies aspire to date! Before you attack me, I will explain what I mean.

Wealthy men

First and foremost, most men who look for Singapore escorts are actually wealthy guys. Escorts, and in particular those of local nationality, do not come cheap. In fact, they are relatively exorbitant. Therefore, the clients of these girls are actually rich and wealthy. While there are some customers who are once in a while ‘average joes’ who saved up for their booking, most of these clients do not even think twice about the price before they make a booking. Even though it is an exorbitant purchase for others, to these men, it is very often way less than what they make per day, or for some even per hour!

And what do city girls like those SG girls like the most? Wealthy guys!escort customer

These men very often have at least 5 Cs

If you want to be more specific to Singapore, these guys usually have at least the 5Cs or its equivalent. For foreigners reading this post, the 5 Cs in Singapore’s context refers to cash, car, condo, country club membership and a credit card. In fact, having these is just the bare minimum. Many Singaporean or foreigners who date escorts in SG have way more accomplishments than just that.

What do most girls in Singapore want in their date? Guys with 5Cs or more. Once again, there is a heavy overlap between guys who look for paid companions and guys whom most girls in SG want to date.

Very busy career focused men who do not have any time to socialize

Most of these guys usually have a very busy work schedule, and that is due to either their business or job requirements. This is because most of them are head of their own firms or top C level executives in their companies. You do not get there or stay there by not doing anything daily. Most of these guys barely have any time for themselves, much less to socialize or dating. Therefore, they turn to short term solutions like escorts whenever they want a companion in Singapore.

Once again, what do most girls in the country like? Guys with a career!

Men who travel super often for work and are unable to commit to any kind of long term relationship

Some men, both locals and expats travel very often for their work. As a result of that, most ladies they meet do not want to commit to them in any kind of long term relationship. This is because their work schedule is hectic, and they travel a lot – making it a tough pill to swallow for many girls. This is because most SG girls watch too much Korean dramas, which focus only on 2nd generation rich kids who were born into it without working for it. Therefore, they seem very free, and so girls’ ideas of a perfect guy is a rich guy who is free all day long. Truth is, most first generation rich did not get rich by doing that!

Therefore, these men, both local and foreign guys, look for escorts when they are in Singapore, so that they can at least have a temporary companion while they are around, as they are hard pressed to find any kind of companions otherwise since they are rarely in one place for longer than a few weeks at a time!

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