Why Singapore Is A Great Country To Be A Permanent Resident Of

Many people apply for a PR in Singapore on a yearly basis, because Singapore is truly that popular when it comes to living and working in for most people. In fact, a large proportion of Singapore’s population is made up of migrants. That encourages even more eligible people to apply to be a permanent resident. Here are some of the reasons why Singapore is such a popular destination for people who want to work, live and potentially be a PR of.

Firstly, Singapore is free of natural disasters. Due to its lucky geographical location, it is basically shielded from the biggest ocean waves by neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. That is why during the 2004 Tsunami, SG was spared due to its geographical location even though the waves were headed in its general direction. Additionally, there are no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados or hurricanes here, and so many who like such easy avoidance from natural calamities like to stay in SG with their family. This is especially the case if they used to live in a country where such natural disasters occur often. That is why many of these people apply for a Singapore PR and reside in the country permanently.


Secondly, Singapore has a relatively low personal tax rate and corporate tax rate. This means that many companies incorporate in the Republic of Singapore and hold their headquarters here. As a result, lots of new jobs are created on a yearly basis and hence migrants flock to SG. Also, since the personal tax rate is also low, that is any additional reason why many people want to work in the country. This combination of constantly spawning new jobs and low personal tax rates has attracted lots of people to apply for a permanent residency in Singapore, so that they can have more work flexibility in Singapore too.

Thirdly, there are virtually no demonstrations or protests in SG since its independence in 1965. Through a unique combination of local laws, law enforcement officers and more, Singapore has maintained its civil stability for decades. This is a welcome change for many foreigners who may be used to protests and more.

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